First ever VR flight between Tokyo and Paris

First ever VR flight between Tokyo and Paris (Image: First Airlines)

On 14th of February, Japan’s First Airlines flew 12 passengers from Tokyo to Paris in France. They were offered a first class experience and a delicious 4 course in-flight meal as well.

So, what’s the big deal? Nothing, except that the aircraft didn’t take off at all.

First Airlines is the world’s first company to offer around 2 hour long, perfectly simulated Virtual Reality trips from Tokyo to places like Paris, Hawaii, Rome, and New York.

The flyers get actual boarding passes, crew dress like actual crew, and there are real safety instructions to make experience as real as possible.

The sightseeing of destination cities is done with the help of 360 degree VR goggles.

At 6,600 yen ($62), a fraction of the cost of an actual trip overseas, it’s easy to see why First Airline’s two-hour fights are popular amongst Japanese.

It’s a lot less hassle, and lot more experience.









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