Meet world’s first ever Digital Model – ‘Shudu’ and see her instagram turning into a cult

Shudu is the first ever digital supermodel. She is not a real person. She is the creation of a 28-year-old British fashion photographer Cameron-James Wilson. The self-taught photographer created Shudu with the help of 3d image rendering tools. Before he revealed to the world that Shudu wasn’t a living person, people over Instagram had already been smitten by her. A follower in the post above can be seen saying – “Ok I just spent the last hour obsessing on you”


Shudu may not be the real person, but she has a real fan following, that of 7.2 lakh followers.

Shudu’s very popular Instagram account



Some followers even thought that she was from Sudan 🙂



People continue to wonder about her. One follower feels it’s sorcery, some kind of magic, while the next finds her skin – beautiful.



Then the debate moves towards the color of Skin.


But then someone tries to look at the brighter side of it.


Any which way debate goes, the cult of Shudu is growing.


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