World’s first 3D printed Camper is here

Randy Janes with world’s first 3d printed Camper (Image: Ashley Field, CTV Saskatoon)


Create cafe, a 3D printing venture based out of Saskatoon, Canada, made history by creating world’s first 3d printed camper.

For 9 long days, Randy Janes (Co owner of Create Cafe) and his team, put layers over layers of printing materials to build a full size camper. The entire process was live streamed and you can still watch the video

The camper, which has an astonishing 100-year life expectancy, weighs 600 lbs and stands 6′ wide and 13′ long.

Water damage remains the biggest issue that campers face. Janes, who worked in the RV industry for 10 years, turned to 3D printing for finding a solution to the problem. A 3D printed camper is more robust by design and stands water way better than the conventionally built camper.

Needless to mention, a 3D printed camper also offers better scope for customization.

Janes hopes to make camper commercially available by end of this year

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