World’s first 3D-printed house unveiled in the French city of Nantes

World’s first 3D printed house unveiled in Nantes, France. (Image: Univ. of Nantes/Youtube)


The world’s first 3D-printed house was unveiled in the city of Nantes in France. It is a 5-room house with an area of 95 square meters (1000 square feet). The house is expected to last at least a 100 years.

Interestingly, this is not the first 3D-printed house (or a building) ever, but it is going to be the first one to be actually inhabited by people. The building has been built under a social housing project and its first tenants are expected to move in in June 2018.

It is a Y shaped building:


(Image: Univ. of Nantes/Youtube)


The 3D-printing project was coordinated by the University of Nantes. The house has rounded walls, corners, doors, windows and a set of complex architectural shapes, produced by means of a  robotic additive manufacturing technology: BatiPrint3DTM, patented by the University of Nantes.

The specially created machine BatiPrint3d built a hollow wall with a special polymer material (in barely 18 days), which was later filled with concrete:

Robot building the hollow walls with a special polymer (Image: Univ. of Nantes/Youtube)



The building is equipped with features designed to reduce energy costs, including sensors to monitor air quality, humidity and temperature. Thermal properties of the building are also evaluated with the help of equipment.

The interiors of the house (Image: Univ. of Nantes/Youtube)


The experts behind the project feel: “This process reduces construction time and improves thermal insulation, as well as reducing the operating costs of construction. The use of a mobile robotic system makes it possible to rethink the working methods of the construction industry, which, as in manufacturing, are crucial in reducing the arduousness of work and limiting hazardous or MSD-inducing jobs”.

Check this video to watch the entire process:

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