World’s first ever cannabis beer is here

World’s first ever cannabis beer is here (Image: Province Brands’ Instagram)


A Canadian company, Province Brands, has developed world’s first cannabis beer.

Interestingly, this beer is going to be a non-alcoholic and gluten-free beverage but still comes with a promise to provide a high like a conventional beer.

Not that there are no cannabis beers already in the market, but they are all brewed with barley and infused with cannabis oil. Whereas, Province Brands’ beer is claimed to have been developed using the cannabis plant’s stem, stalks and roots.


Testing the new beer (Image: Province Brands’ FB page)


Canadian senate passed a bill in June 2018, legalizing the recreational use of cannabis in the country. By passing the bill, Canada became only the second country in the world after Uruguay, to have done so.

Entrepreneurs across Canada are racing to capitalize on the withdrawl of ban on Cannabis by developing a host of food products with a dash of cannabis. The new legislation would be effective from 17th of October 2018.


Cannabis plant is being used to brew beer. (Image: Province Brands’ FB page)


The CEO & co-founder of Province Brands, Dooma Wendschuh moved from Miami in Florida to Canada to take advantage of the new legislation. Wendschuh, told The Guardian that their beer tastes ‘dry, savory’ and ‘less sweet than a typical beer’. The cannabis beer hits you more quickly than the conventional beer.


Dooma Wendschuh, CEO & co-founder of Province Brands. (Image: Province Brands’ FB page)

We know you want to taste it already. But be patient. You will have to wait till October 2018. That is when it is expected to hit the market in Canada.


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