World’s first-ever production ready Flying Car is here

            PAL-V Liberty, in both its avatars

              (Image: PAL-V Facebook Page)


PAL-V, a Dutch company, recently introduced in Geneva Motor Show, what it calls – the World’s first flying car production model. The company has named it PAL-V Liberty. PAL-V is an acronym for Personal Air and Land Vehicle. What sets this car apart is that you can order it right now and the company promises to start delivering from 2019. The price tag is around 600,000 dollars.

The vehicle which has retractable blades and two engines (one for road and other for skies) can hit 112 miles per hour. It goes without saying that you will need a flying license to fly this one.

PAL-V Liberty would seat 2 persons with 20 kgs of baggage. It will have a range of 400 to 500 km (depending on the number of persons and reserve fuel).

The flying car will require a short strip of at least 330 meters to take off.

Watch this video to see it touching skies:


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