World’s first hand-painted film, Loving Vincent, competes for an Oscar

A shot from Loving Vincent, world’s first hand-painted animation feature film

Think Animation, and invariably Disney or Pixar comes to your mind. But come Sunday, when Academy awards would be announced, there will be an animated feature film in the race – Loving Vincent. What makes the film stand out? It was not created inside a state of the art studio, with sophisticated graphics and designing. Rather, it was hand painted, the entire film, all 65,000 frames – in the distinct style of Vincent van Gogh, the revolutionary painter of 19th century. He died mysteriously at 37, and this film probes his demise, in a way Gogh would have liked. With the help of oil paintings.

The patience-testing project lasted full 7 years. Each artist painted an average of 6 paintings a day, which would translate into not more than a quarter or half a second of filming a day.

Check out the trailer of this pioneering tribute to the legendary painter:

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