World’s First Household Shoe-Washing Machine is here


Haier Unveils the World’s First Household Shoe-Washing Machine at the 123rd Canton Fair (Image:


On April 15th, at the 123rd Spring Canton Fair, Haier (the Chinese Electronic and Home appliances major) unveiled the world’s first household shoe-washing machine.

The company claims to have developed a stereotype spraying technology for the product, which not only eliminates the damage caused to shoes by traditional brush-cleaning but also provides a more convenient, carefree washing experience for users.

There are three methods of cleaning shoes. One is hand-washing, which is a difficult, time-consuming and laborious process that requires using a variety of brushes; the second method is to throw one’s shoes into the washing machine, which not only results in cross-infection with clothes but also damages the shoes and does not guarantee a clean wash. The last is to go to a dedicated shoe-washing store and leave them to be cleaned with other people’s shoes, but the traditional commercial shoe-washing machine still uses brushes, making it difficult to ensure proper care is taken while still providing a thorough clean, especially for high-end footwear care. Usually, manual cleaning is still most people’s first choice.

Haier’s shoe-washing machine claims to solve this dilemma. The water flow stereotype spraying technology uses high-pressure water flow to wash shoes. Haier claims that the water flow can penetrate the fiber inside to remove deeper dirt and minimize the damage, which allows it to achieve a clean that is both thorough and delicate.

At the exhibition site, many visitors questioned whether the product will be able to earn its own space in people’s homes. Haier-affiliated personnel explained that the household shoe-washing machine adopts a drawer design, which can be combined with a washing machine or a dryer, so it does not occupy its own separate space, and it can realize partition washing, simultaneous washing, and time-sharing washing: a fully-featured, comprehensive shoe-care solution.

(Source: Haier Press Release distributed by PR Newswire)


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